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The Simple Bow Story - From the Founder

Terrell, Founder of The Simple Bow 
In just three months; I received three phone calls that changed my life forever.  
In the first month I received a call. My mother who has both lupus and a rare stage-four cancer was hospitalized. In the second month on Christmas Eve a call that my fiancé was shot. She was leaving a convenient store, and on New Years Eve, a third call to let me know my grand parents were in a severe head-on collision. Neither made it out of the hospital alive.

3-months, 3-special ladies, 3-generations, and 1-SIMPLE man in common. Me! In the midst of it all, I then needed to be there to care for my mother full-time and with little means. In doing so I lost my job, I lost my car, I lost my home, I essentially lost my life.

 In a time when I seemed to be nearly losing my mind and all hope; I recalled something my mother used to say to raise my spirit, “You’re an intelligent young man. Just put a bow on it, and make it look nice.” That memory paired with the old sewing machine found in her basement were the elements that led to the creation of The Simple Bow LLC, where we design and create hand made fashion accessories that help to add the finishing touches to the perfect outfit, so that you can be confident, shift perceptions, promote self-expression, and share your style.

As a company birthed from a sequence of tragic life event, we get our drive to succeed from the desire to help others going through similar life experiences. With the creation of “The Simple Bow Foundation,” a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to help provide needed resources to families like mine touched by cancer, victims of gun violence, fight against hunger, and homelessness prevention.

Our products are unique not only because of the design, and limited edition, but because each one is touched and hand-crafted by someone who in some way was fighting for life, fighting for an opportunity, or fighting to just make someone’s life better the next day than it was the day before.

Join us on this journey. Share our story and support “The Simple Bow LLC” and our foundation along the way!

And together with us…